• This bag is magic!

    Imagine you enter a room and it smells musky, all you need is to place the carbon bag at asource of wind, the odor will be absorb in no time.

    If you see murky waters inyour aquarium instead of gleaming fishes, just put one bag where the water flow or filter box is and the water will clear in no time.

    If there is smells fromyour pet and you need to fix that, put two bags in the pet’s cage or living area and your problem will be solved.

    Or your refrigerator remember the leftover durian…you may need more than one bag!

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  • Multipurpose Activated Carbon Bag (5 pcs in 1 price!!)
  • Direct from factory
  • Remove smell in your car and room!
  • Clean your water in your aquarium!
  • Remove smell in your shoe cabinet!
  • Let your pets stay in a no smell cage!
  • No more durian smell in your refrigerator!
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